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Shipping & Returns

As part of the store TOU please accept this as notice that due to the nature of our business absolutely NO refunds are given on ANY digital products, ie tubes and scrapkits

Unfortunately, Paypal is holding your payment hostage, and blocking the Instant download at the store.  Please read these instructions before proceeding at checkout 

We have added a copy of the information here, incase you missed it at checkout.
Alternatively, to avoid PayPal issues please use your Debit or Credit card in the Square option at checkout. 

IMPORTANT Customers please read before proceeding with your order;

Paypal Users;
Owing to changes in Paypal policies, and as a new store/customer, PayPal is putting a hold on your purchases until the customer "accepts" the invoice. Customers may not receive goods until the invoice has been accepted.

If you do not see your DOWNLOADS, or if you get a notice from us that your order is on "Hold",  please try one of the folllowing options;  (You may have to wait 48 hours before you are able to update PayPal)

If you get a notice from us that your order is on "Hold"  then please follow the instructions below; 
(You may have to wait 48 hours before you are able to update PayPal)

Log in to your PayPal account.
Click Activity.
Find and click the original payment for the item .
Click Confirm Receipt.
Click Yes to confirm that you received the order

Your order has been updated to the following status: New status: Update

It would be appreciated if you could do this promptly so that the store and designers recieve their payments.

Should you wish to avoid the automatic hold for future purchases, please use Square Credit Card processing for instant downloads. Square is an alternative to using PayPal. Just add your card details in the form with the Square logo.

If you have any questions or problems with the store or your purchases, in the first instance please complete the CONTACT US form with your order details and allow us 3 working days to respond to your query. If you have not heard from us in that time please email us with your order details to